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Chicago Racial Justice Pooled Fund 2020

Chicago Racial Justice Pooled Fund 2020

 (Download a full explanation of the fund here)


This political moment is a direct result of the generational disinvestment in Black, indigenous, and brown communities. Acknowledging this, the Chicago Racial Justice Pooled Fund’s goal is to raise and move $3M over two years to Chicago organizations building and sustaining movements for justice that center Black lives and address anti-Blackness. While $3M is not an equitable amount to address the violence that racial capitalism has ravaged, this is the first step of many needed towards a more just Chicago. 


The following guidelines were constructed based upon the feedback, suggestions, and advice from organizers and activists in Chicago. We share this plan to confirm that we are accurately conveying what was advised. We also see this step as a component of funder transparency and co-accountability. If additional or different suggestions are made, the Allocations Committee will integrate that information.

  • The Fund will provide grants to Black-led organizations and allied organizations that are organizing to address anti-Blackness in communities and institutions.
  • All grants will be unrestricted general operating support, generally in the range of $25,000 – $50,000 per organization
  • The Fund will allocate grants to organizations building and sustaining movements for justice that center Black lives, including: grassroots organizing to build power for the transformation and liberation of communities of color; organizations that are of, by, and for those most directly impacted by racial injustice; leadership development and tactics that are innovative, intersectional, collaborative, risk-taking, and acknowledge trauma and community healing.

The Allocations Committee is finalizing the application process for a late September 2020 launch. 


The following foundation leaders, who are part of The Neighborhood Organizing Group, will serve as an Oversight Committee, providing guidance and recommendations for fundraising, decision making, and the development of any necessary policies for the pooled Fund.

The members are: Jane Kimondo, Crossroads Fund; Michelle Morales, Woods Fund of Chicago; Leslie Ramyk, Conant Family Foundation; Daniel Ash, Chicago Community Trust; Deborah Bennett, Polk Bros. Foundation; Angelica Chavez, Field Foundation of Illinois; Iris Krieg, Albert Pick Jr. Fund; Caroline McCoy and David Pesqueira, McCormick Foundation; Regina McGraw and Carmen Prieto, Wieboldt Foundation; Heather Parish and Marianne Philbin, Pierce Family Foundation; Mary Pounder, Comer Family Foundation; Ryan Priester, MacArthur Foundation; Jacquelyn Rosa, United Way of Metropolitan Chicago.


If you have questions, suggestions or want to contribute to the fund, please contact any one of the following individuals: 

Jane Kimondo:

Michelle Morales:

Leslie Ramyk:

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