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We believe it is important for people engaged with and impacted by the justice system to know their rights. That is why Safer Foundation, in partnership with the Women’s Justice Institute (WJI), is conducting a series of webinars to help people who are incarcerated and people with arrest and conviction records know their rights, know their remedies, and also help connect them to legal and reentry resources.

Our webinar series for June 2022 covers the following topics:

Civic Engagement and Criminal Records Relief (i.e. Sealing and Expungement). This session will teach you about a broad range of forms of criminal records relief such as sealing and expungement (including automatic expungement thanks to the state’s new adult-use cannabis law), certificates of good conduct, and healthcare worker waivers, and clemency. Voting protections and the US Census will also be covered.

Employment, Occupational Licensing, and Education. This webinar will cover local, state, and federal legal protections that exist for people with arrest and conviction records in their search for employment. It will also provide useful information that will help guide you through the occupational licensing application process in Illinois (more than 25% of all occupations now require an occupational license). And finally, this session will provide clarity about a person’s ability to access federal financial aid and higher education.

Housing and Driver’s Licenses. This session will cover the numerous housing protections that people with arrest and conviction records have at every level of government – federal, state, and local. You will also learn about the protections that exist for people seeking housing in the federally subsidized [public] housing market and in the private housing market. This session will also talk about new laws designed to help people retain their driver’s licenses even if they acquire fines and fees.

Monday, June 27, 12:00 PM – 01:00 PM

Civic Engagement and Criminal Records Relief

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Tuesday, June 28, 12:00 PM – 01:00 PM

Employment, Occupational Licensing, and Education

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Wednesday, June 29, 12:00 PM – 01:00 PM

Housing and Driver’s Licenses To Register, Click HERE